Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nights Templar archive

After revisiting the contents of the Goliath which spawned this little blog here and feeling just a little bit nostalgic, I've imported the rants I used to write while in my formative years at university.

When I started the website in the latter part of 2002, the blogging phenomena hadn't really started. It was a time when contemporaries of mine were constructing 'all about me' sites, and I had a niggling writing bug which needed an outlet.

So while ostensibly I created it as merely a holding site until the amazing and forever elusive Nights Templar bars and clubs arrived on the scene, it was an opportunity to share my very opinionated feelings about university and voice some 'ramblings' which eventually turned into this blog, and, as of today are integrated into it.

They've all got the prefix [OLD SITE] to help you spot them.
"Garden Invaders" March 2003
"Heinz ravioli" March 2003
"What I've been up to" April 2003
"Daytime television" April 2003
"Monkhouse's disease" May 2003
"Big Strong Boys travesty" May 2003
"It's my morning tv round up" August 2004
"It's late and I've been drinking" February 2005

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