Monday, 9 August 2004

[OLD SITE] It's my morning TV round-up

Yes, it's time for a new ramblings entry, shh, stop cheering, now isn't the time. You'll all be pleased to discover that it is indeed related to the BBC's fine selection of morning television on BBC1.

Thanks to an entry on my guestbook, (go sign it now if you haven't already, in a new window of course) I was informed that Big Strong Boys is back on TV. Fantastic news of course, or is it? In fact, the series which is running at 11am on BBC1 is 'Big Strong Boys in the Sun' shock horror. This is neither homosexual pornography, nor a picture of them in The Sun newspaper. I made the effort to get up earlier this morning so I could watch it, the fatal presenter mistake had been made again, incoherent Craig and indifferent Stewart. Perhaps it's time I write to the BBC, explaining how all of my readers are disgusted to learn of this poor substitution, let me know.

Fear not, if the listings are true and accurate, Jake and Gav, the kings of DIY, will be back on tomorrow, 11am, BBC1.

Now onto another of my favourites, Cash in the Attic. Recently, Lorne Spicer of 'Car Booty' fame has been presenting several episodes, we all know this is wrong. Today was a Cash in the Attic Special, "special" means it is 60 minutes long, 30 minutes longer than normal. That IS special. Alistair was presenting thank goodness, I don't think I could endure Lorne Spicer for 60 minutes. Today's target was an even more special £5500, I would gasp too, but I'm used to it.

The point of this, which both you and I are no doubt wondering about, is Alistair himself. I'm not sure some of you are really warming to him as much as you should be. Shame on you. To prove what good taste he has, I've enclosed a picture of an item they discovered. It is a Weltron Model 2001 "Space Ball" . To the one or two of you who are unaware of what this is, it is a 1970's 8-track player. Alistair described his fondness for the item, and wanted to buy it himself, even with it's £150 estimate. What more proof do you need?
Oh, you may cheer now.

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