Monday, 21 April 2003

[OLD SITE] What I've been up to

Well, this has certainly been an interesting week. Started off by going to the Peel in Kingston Friday night with my friend Andy. Was quite funny, lots of topless guys taking part in what I can only describe as some sort of satanic headbanging...amused me anyway, but Partridge* the drinks were expensive! Luckily I had been drinking wine on the way there (out of a glass, fear not).

I believe on the following night (Saturday) I accompanied Andy to the Plough and Harrow in Epsom to see an ex-collegue 'DJ' (I use that term loosely, we weren't DJ colleagues). But dear God I had forgotten how much I hate the young people who try really hard to make it obvious thay they are into nu-metal. It was actually quite painful sitting in the rather overcrowded excuse for a pub listening to the poor music for a start, but having to stomach the unforgivable actions of my co-drinkers was too much.

It was funny that in a way it also felt like an old man's pub-this was due to the way that I felt Andy and I stood out as if we were both wearing bright pink shell suits in the Kray's local. This may have been because we didn't adhere to the 2 or more piercing's rule.
Is it really necessary for the over excited and quite frankly naive Rosebery school girls (a local all-girls school) to behave in the way they do? When a male spiky haired Limp Bizkit fan walks in do they have to throw themselves all over them in a way which only reminds me of the girls of Essex? May I point out again, that this is one of the royal boroughs of Surrey...what's going on?

Off the topic-must apologise, but I just read the synopsis for tonight's Coronation Street, "Eileen confronts Jason - with disastrous consequences". Just made me laugh. SORRY! ok?
Haven't done much else this week, went to the Blue Anchor in Reigate and saw some old mates which was cool. Actually had quite a good laugh, saw big John, who we have discovered, plays drums...perhaps a new member for fwag we hope. This is dragging on a bit so I will end it.

*'Partridge' can be substitued for 'God', or any other suitable deity.

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