Wednesday, 23 April 2003

[OLD SITE] Daytime Television

I haven't seen a single edition of Big Strong Boys this week. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to be awake by 11AM. A heinous crime I know, 11AM is quite late in the day I guess. I got up at around 12:30 today and turned the TV on. I had a choice of Wipeout with Bob Monkhouse on BBC1, The Amazing Mr.Blunden on BBC2 (I am also unsure of what that is), ITV news on ITV1 amazingly, oh and Third Watch on Channel 4. I think there was Home and Away on 'five' but that doesn't really count. What a fine choice of programs, I can either be scared by Bob 'orangeface' Monkhouse, confused by The Amazing Mr.Blunden or depressed by the news. I don't know what the program on Ch4 was about so I can't really comment, and although that is also technically true for the BBC2 'film', I don't care. Anyway, I ended up watching ITV News...I am now almost suicidal.

Thank Partridge Neighbours is on soon, 20 minutes methinks. I have also found that this website is becoming my mistress-I seem to spend a lot of time thinking of little mistakes I have made which need correcting. I think I should sever my broadband connection at home here so I can't upload anymore. Saying that though, I'm not going to. I need to spend my time doing something vaguely productive, and it's not going to be work. Maybe I'll wash my car today..something to consider.

I seem to have digressed from my original point, no matter, it doesn't bother me. It shouldn't bother you either. My bank should be sending me a new card soon, I've lost mine at home somewhere and couldn't be bothered to find it under my pile of unsorted post and stuff-that's something to look forward to. 14 minutes till Neighbours. Safe to say when that comes on I will stop writing crap..for today anyway. I have just discovered I'm arranging my day around Neighbours, kinda hoped it wouldn't come to this. There is an upside though, it is daytime television which means I haven't deviated from my original topic too much. Smoothalicious. I'm going to get some food now and then watch Neighbours, I hope you are doing the same.

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