Monday, 19 December 2005

Cheese Round-up part 2

You may have been led to believe this is the second part of the cheese reviews. We can now confirm this is the case.

Still sampling Tesco's 3 for £3 cheese offerings, the subject of this study is Cheshire cheese. Cheshire, like other regional cheeses with a name of the place where it is made, is made in Cheshire. Of course Cheshire is a place, a place not too far away from Wales, and not too far away from Manchester.
It could be said that Cheshire cheese, which comes in 3 colours, is less salty than Caerphilly, and maybe even less crumbly in texture. Tesco apply a rating of '2'.
So to conclude:
Grated on hot food melt factor: 5/10 - Still far from adequate
Knife-block enjoyment rating: 4/10 - Barely an improvement on Caerphilly

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