Thursday, 12 January 2006

Cheesy Round Three

Welcome, welcome to the third part of the now almost regular cheese review.
Thank goodness Tesco stock such a wide range of cheese. Cheese, as everyone knows, is a pillar of society. So important is cheese, it actually formed part of the Benelux treaty agreed in 1944, Belgium actually stipulated cheese availability as a condition of signing.
Today's cheese is a mature Cheddar from Caledonia, or the north as it's sometimes known. Tesco describe the cheese as being firm with a sweet, rich flavour. We feel this is quite a careless statement; it is certainly firm, but rich and sweet is straying into the realms of fantasy. The boffins have also assigned a 'Rich/Creamy' rating of 3-4. Is this out of 5? Hard to say.
In conclusion, a good all-round cheese, certainly worth taking to a party with a nice bottle of white (wine).
Grated on hot food melt factor: 9/10 - Possibly the best we'll see in our lifetime, possibly.
Knife-block enjoyment rating: 7/10 - Superb, goes down easily

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