Saturday, 3 December 2005

The Nights Templar Cheese Round-Up

Welcome to a new section of the weblog, the cheese round up. Fortunately for you poor souls we are now providing expert cheese reviews.
As the picture suggests, this week we've been sampling one of the Tesco "buy 3 for £3" range. Caerphilly is located in Southern Wales 10 miles from Cardiff, we believe cheese to be their only claim to fame. As Tesco advise, this cheese scores a 3 on their tangy rating. Tangy is not a word we have had much experience with, especially in relative terms; Tango was once celebrated to have a tangy orange taste but we feel that is not appropriate in a cheese arena. Many a night could be spent with a block of cheese and a knife, as we're sure readers would agree. So an important test with any cheese is, can it be enjoyed in a late night cheese-block-knife scenario.
Unable to keep you in suspense for any longer, the findings shall be presented.
Grated on hot food melt factor: 4/10
Knife-block enjoyment rating: (A rather disappointing) 3/10 - Too dry and salty.

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