Saturday, 25 July 2009

Behind the scenes

I've decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction. While this is subject to whim, hopefully I’ll have enough material to sustain it.
With growing up comes a dwindling desire to be angry and ranty about what I now view to be the trivialities of the world at large, and these people or issues aren't generally worth the energy or the space they end up occupying on the internet's hard drive. That said, I’m almost definitely going to contradict myself in the near future.

Anyway, what is this new direction? The plan is to chart the observations and experiences of a fairly normal person (me) as they (I) attend industry events, launches, and interview the famous people. Think of it as a background to the articles I write for other websites, or a blog version of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach if you will; but on a better channel, and with no Jason Donovan.

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