Sunday, 10 June 2007

Well-come back music

In an effort to update this more often I've decided to share with you, the caring public, the strange songs I've had in my head today. Often my head will just be populated with the one song which will be in there all day over and over, such as Barbie Girl by Aqua, or something of similar artistic merit. Yet today there has been a plethora, yes, as many as that.

This morning I was unsurprised to have Billy Joel's Uptown Girl in my head, it wouldn't be the first time. It also wouldn't be the first time I've sung the only words I am familiar with repeatedly. Those being: "uptown girl, we've been living in an uptown world". It suddenly occurs to me that they probably aren't the correct lyrics.

Next up was Diana Ross with Chain Reaction, a song fiendishly difficult to find on the internet it seems. Wikipedia seems to insist it has something to do with neutron-fission. My recollection of "we're in the middle of a chain reaction" wasn't that far off either! (Actually it might have been quite easy to find)

After watching the Kate Bush medley Alan Partridge performed on my housemate Tom's Steve Coogan DVD last night, Running Up That Hill appeared. After a quick bit of internetting I have confirmed it was from a children's TV show I vaguely remember called Running Scared.

For some reason while trying to recall Chain Reaction, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel replaced it. The only disjointed lyrics for this in my memory are "you could make a big difference......i wanna be, *bam* sledgehammer *bam bam bammmm* sledgehammer." All wrong of course (he doesn't actually say 'bam', it's some sort of synth hit)

Finally Tears in My Eyes - Ultravox.
This would make a strange sort of mixtape, probably one to give if you want someone to break up with you.... or to convince them you are gay once and for all.

I want to hear some more medleys.

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  1. Take That do a Beatles medley.

    Where are the new reviews?